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Working from an aligned purpose produces impactful results on your business, your employees and your community. The Meraki Approach is an engagement strategy that creates business practices to improve company performance and achieve your goals. We provide learning tools, solution design and implementation services to help align your team and deliver sustainable impact.

Meraki (μεράκι) is a Greek word that means leaving a piece of your soul in the work that you do.

"Linh and Holly from Meraki Approach have been instrumental in bringing the concepts of Conscious Capitalism to our company.  By working with us to solidify our Purpose Statement, sharing their insights from the Leadership Circle exercise and putting Shareholder Integration into perspective by turning it into a game, we each left our meeting with a better understanding of what we're committed to, what we're good at and what we could improve on.  I highly recommend Meraki to any organization interested in making a difference on a larger scale than they may have previously thought possible."

Mike Leatherwood

CEO, Bonedaddy's Restaurants

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