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When we created Meraki Approach, we knew we could live out our passions and at the same time make an impact with businesses who wanted to do things differently. By spreading Conscious Business Strategies around the world, we are helping companies understand that they can make a real difference in the lives of others. This delivers on our unique life purposes and allows us to leave a bit of our souls in the work that we do.  

Scott Peeples

I came to business as an outsider. A touring musician at the time, I saw myself as an artist first. So, I immediately began searching for the soul of business as an undergraduate in finance and economics. I authored several papers exploring topics like the chain of stakeholder responsibility in corporate malfeasance and, at 22, an honors thesis, “Measuring the Economic Value of Corporate Social Responsibility”. I’ve spent the last decade in the healthcare industry co-founding and growing a wellness technology company. Our competitive advantage stemmed from aligning our business model with the interests of our key stakeholders. We had experienced the challenge of maintaining purpose and culture during rapid growth and organizational change. My journey started out theoretical and has deepened through practical application. My calling is to teach and practice stakeholder integration as an expression of human maturity and interconnection - and that’s the soul of Meraki Approach. I’m a professional musician, an unprofessional sailor, and a chronic entrepreneur.

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Linh Quach

Nearly two decades ago, I began a journey leaving my corporate life behind to become a social entrepreneur with my first venture - designing handbags with artisans in Vietnam. I learned and practiced ways of doing business that not only grew my company but also took care of everyone we worked with. As my client list continued to grow without spending any marketing dollars, it confirmed that putting people before profit was the right thing to do. A few years later, this little social venture became a thriving global sourcing and manufacturing company. I have been fully committed to this conscious way of doing business with all my ventures and deeply believe spreading this message globally to other business leaders is how our work can really matter. This commitment is rooted in my personal purpose to cultivate possibilities for hope and human connection so that we are all empowered to live meaningful lives together in this world. And lucky for me, my rescue Pup - Luna or aka Lunatic - keeps me grounded in patience (lots of it) and love to follow my journey every day. 

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